There’s often a lot of waiting around at the airport, so kids can get bored and restless very quickly. Here are 7 travel games for kids, which might keep them entertained!

1. Airport bingo

Airports are busy places, there’s so much going on! You could use this opportunity to encourage your kids to be observant. Before you travel, print off these bingo sheets of different things you might at the airport. When you arrive, see how many you can tick off.

Airport bingo sheets2. Rhyming game

Waiting in the departure lounge can be very boring. The rhyming game is a fun way to pass the time and it tests your kids’ vocabulary too! Find an object that you can see then shout out any words that rhyme with it. For example, you might see a chair, which rhymes with “pear” “hair” and “fair”. You could even make it competitive so whoever thinks of the most rhyming words, wins!

3. Mental hide an seek 

The last thing you want is for your kids to get lost in the airport when you’re getting ready to board the plane. So, a mental version of hide and seek gets kids to be imaginative, keeps kids entertained and in one place. Player 1 imagines a place in the airport where they would like to hide. Player 2 has to guess where player 1 has chosen to hide. Player 1 can only respond with yes or no.

4. Country beginning with…

Entertain kids at airportThis is a great game to test your geography when waiting a long time in the departure lounge. Player 1 names a country and with the last letter of that country, player 2 has to name a different one. For example, if player 1 says “Russia”, player 2 might say “Australia”. Then, player 1 (or player 3) names a different country starting with the last letter of the country that player 2 named, and so on. To get the game to last even longer, you could play this with towns and cities too.


5. Where I’m going, I’ll have to pack…

If your flight is delayed, why not play a game that helps kids to think about different cultures? One player chooses a place on the departure board to go and can only pack one item. The item acts as a clue, letting everyone else guess where they are going. Whoever guesses right has the next turn. For example, if you choose to go to Paris you might say “where I’m going, I’ll have to pack a beret”.

6. Alphabet game

Airports are filled with signs, so you could play this game to test those observation skills! Starting with A, see if you can find all the letters in the alphabet on signs and notices around the airport.

7. Play the dictionary game, in a foreign language

If you’re going to a country where they speak a different language, you might have a dictionary with you. This can be turned into a fun game and is a great way to learn key words and phrases. One person finds a word in the dictionary and the other person has to guess what it means.


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