Formulas in Words

Days of the week

Your child will be learning how to understand formulas to solve more complex problems. Here is an example of such a task.

If you are asked how many days there are in a week, you would find the answer easy – there are 7. How about the number of days in two weeks? Again, the answer is fairly straightforward – there are 14.

What happens when you are asked how many days there are in three weeks, or four or five? If you know the formula you could work this out.


1 week is 1 × 7 days = 7

2 weeks is 2 × 7 days = 14

3 weeks is 3 × 7 days = 21

4 weeks is 4 × 7 days = 28


So, the formula to work out the number of days is: number of days = number of weeks × 7


Algebraic Terms and Expressions

Your child will be learning that letters are used in algebra, when numbers are not shown.

Algebraic terms, like 2s or 8y, leave the multiplication signs out. So rather than ‘2 × s’, your child should write 2s, rather than ‘8 × y’  they should write 8y.

A string of numbers and letters joined together by mathematical operations such as + and – is called an algebraic expression.

r + 2s means an unknown number ‘r’, plus 2 lots of an unknown number ‘s’.


Algebra Solver Games

Here are two games that can be played online that can help your children learn algebra, using the algebra solver.


Compare Fractions & Percentagesalgebra solver

This is a good activity for your children to do to improve their understanding of comparing fractions and percentages. This algebra solver will help your children understand algebra easier. It has a simply format and is good to help your children visualise fractions and percentages.



Function Machines and Formulaealgebra solver

This is a quiz that your children can do to test their knowledge on a algebra solver. Its very straight forward and easy to use. It offers questions for your children to answer in order to improve their function skills.