What is a BrightMinder? Whether you are a Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Grannie, Grandad, teacher or friendly neighbour we all have the responsibilities of a ‘BrightMinder’.

A BrightMinder nurtures a child’s ‘bright mind’; that precious spark, that inner genius, that inquisitive, questioning spirit which, if guided and supported, loved and nurtured will germinate, grow and bloom.

We believe that by creating a loving and safe environment for learning, children will take risks, supported by the knowledge that they can never fail, simply learn.

We believe that children should be free to develop at their own pace, guided by their own successes.

We believe that learning is a lifelong journey to be nurtured, one which never ends.

We believe that we can play a small part to help you nurture, inspire, challenge and develop the bright mind in your charge: helping them discover their passions in life!