It is important for children in key stage 2 (KS2) to be confident at data handling. In school, our children should be taught to:

  • Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs and use these to solve problems
  • Calculate the mean and median.
  • Construct tables and bar graphs.


Mean and Median Explained 

The mean (average) is found by adding all of the numbers and then dividing the sum by how many numbers were added. The median is found by arranging the set of numbers in order and then finding the middle number. If there are two middle numbers, the median is the average of those two numbers.


Data Handling KS2 Activities 

Below are some fun learning activities for you children to do to improve their data handling ks2 skills.

Spelling Test

Have your children keep track of their weekly spelling test (or any other weekly tests) for several weeks and work the average grade. At the end of a marking period, arrange the test scores in order and the find the median score. How do the results compare?

Pocket Change

Each day for a week let your children count your pocket change at the end of the day and record it. After a week, find the average per day and find the median. Are there any amounts, which are much less or much more than the others. If so, these amounts can affect the mean.

Week of Weather

Keep track of the weather for one week. Redraw the following circle graph, making it larger. Each section is 1/7 of the whole circle so if there were 3 rainy days during the week, then 3 of the 7 sections will be combined and labeled as the rainy weather.

data handling ks2

Weather Data

Collect weather data. Such as daily high and low temperatures, from the newspaper or the news on the TV. Record the data in the table below. Then making a line graph. Use one colour to show high temperatures and a different colour to show low temperature.


handling data ks2data handling ks2

Online Games for Data Handling KS2

There is other fun and easy ways in which you can help your children learn about data handling. Here are two online games that your children can use to improve their data handling skills.

Mean, Median, Modedata handling ks2

A range of activities where you need to work out the mode, median and mean of numbers. This game is good as it has varying heights of building for your children to complete the mean median and mode of.




Probabilitydata handling ks2

Have a go with the amazing ball-picking machine. How likely is it that a blue or red ball will be picked? Good for teaching your children about the basics of probability as it offers a number of options for your children to do.