Measures and Money Games KS2

There are lots of measure and money games KS2 children can enjoy. Here is some information about what your child should be learning at this age, as well as some activities and games they can play.


At school, your child will be learning toL

  • Convert between different units of measure (for example, kilometre to meter and hour to minute).
  • Measure and calculate the perimeter of squares and rectangles in centimetres and meters.
  • Find the area of rectangles and squares.
  • Convert time between analogue and digital 12 and 24 hour clocks.


Unit Measures

1 Kilometer = 1000 Meters.
1 Meter = 100 Centimeters.
1 Centimeter = 10 Millimeters.

1 Hour = 60 Minutes.
1 Minute = 60 Seconds.

1 Tone = 1000 Kilograms.
1 Kilogram = 1000 Grams.
1 Gram = 1000 Milligrams.


Perimeter and Area of Squares and Rectangles

To work out the perimeter of a square and rectangle you just add up all the outside lengths of the square or perimeter. To work out the area you multiply the length times the width of the square or rectangle.


Measure and Money Games KS2

Below are some ideas and games to help your children learn about measurements in a fun way.

Matching Measurements

Which two measurements are equal? Use a table of measures attached to this post to help your children work them out.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.50.50

Measure Perimeters

Use string to measure the perimeter of all the tables in your home. Can you find a table in your home with a perimeter of 180 inches? If not what’s the closest you can find?

Floor Area

Find the total area of your home. Measure and record the length and width of each room and hallway. Find the area of each room or hallway and calculate the total floor area.

Measure and Money Games KS2 | Online 

Some children enjoy spending lots of time on the computer. Why not use this to help them learn as there are lots of measure and money games that can be played online. Here are two examples.

Clockworkmoney games ks2

This game gives your children a time on the clock and your children have to correctly guess the time. This game also offers a variation of levels and difficulty.




money games ks2Scale Reader

This game helps your children read the weights off of a set of scales. It offers varying levels of difficulty for your children.