Learning the alphabet is important for all kids  aged 3 -5 as it helps them to learn to read. However, teaching it to your kids doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive! Here are some fun alphabet activities and alphabet games that you can use to help your kids learn letters and sounds in their early years.


Alphabet activities

Muffin tin game

Cut index cards into squares small enough to fit inside a muffin tin.  Write out each letter of the alphabet on a separate index card square and place them into each section of the muffin tin. Have your kids try and throw a penny into the ten. Where the coin lands in the tin, your kids have to say the letter. If they say it correctly, they can have a point.

Racecar alphabet

If you’ve got 26 toy cars, you could play this fun alphabet game. Write each letter of the alphabet on a piece of paper and using blue tac, stick them onto each car. Then, have your kids tell you all about their race cars but instruct them to refer to the cars by their letters. You could ask questions like “which car do you like better, K or P?” Your kids will begin familiarising themselves with the alphabet whilst playing with their racecars too!

Find the alphabet

Write all the letters of the alphabet on separate pieces of paper (or use foam or magnetic letters) and hide them around your kids’ bedroom. Ask them to find all of the letters in the alphabet and put them in the centre of the room.

Fishing alphabet

Put your kids alphabet letters in a bucket and call out a letter. Have your kids fish through the bucket to find the word you’ve said. If you want, you could ask your kids to tell you a word beginning with that letter.


Online Alphabet Games

ABC Countdown

Letters countdown game

This is a great game aimed at 4-5 year olds, provided by the British council! Kids have to put the letters of the alphabet in the right order.



Alphabet antics

Letters and sounds antics game

Another game provided by the British council, helping young kids to learn letters and sounds. In this game, kids have to click on the right coconut based on the letter that they hear. This helps the monkey climb the tree and escape the snake!



Alphabet Apps for iPad

Twinkl Phonics

Twinkl Phonics alphabet activities


This is a great app helping kids to practice letters and sounds sound and upper and lower case letters. This app contains lots of alphabet activities to help your kids learn letters and sounds. Twinkl phonics is available to download on iTunes.


Pocket Phonics

Alphabet activities for iPad

This is a very educational app, which gets kids practicing letters and sounds as well as common words. It’s highly recommended and used in over 300 primary schools across the UK. So why not download it from iTunes and use it at home?