At nursery and during key stage 1 (KS1) your kids will be learning about phonics. There are lots of fun phonics activities that you can use at home, to support your child. Here are some examples.


Phonics Activities

Alphabet toys and games

Alphabet toys help kids remember what each of the letters sounds like. If you’ve got some foam letters, you can play the fishing game with your kids in the bath. Place all the letters in the tub and call out a letter and your child has to grab the right one. This is a good activity to help 4-5 year olds become more confident with the sounds of written letters.

As your kids get older and become more confident with letters, you could begin putting words in the tub instead of letters. If you don’t have foam letters or words, you could write them on a piece of paper and laminate them.

Reading books

There are lots of books for early readers, which help to give kids confidence in blending sounds into real words. Some of the most popular include the Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star Guided and Collins Big Cat. Why not ask your kids’ school which scheme they use? You could chose to use the same one, or select a different one to give your kids some variety.


Online Phonics Games

Top Marks has great phonics activities to help your kids learn. For example, the phoneme pop game gets your kids identifying sounds. This helps them to learn phonemes and graphemes, laying the foundations for reading skills!


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BBC Bitesize for KS1 has a game called Deep Sea Phonics. Kids have to help the character open the chest by choosing the letters that make up the correct sound. This fun phonics game is good for kids aged 4-6.


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Phonics Apps

 Apps are a great source of phonics activities that your kids can play on a smartphone or tablet. This can get them practicing phonics on the go!


Funimal phonics

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Funimal phonics is an app designed to support kids aged 3-5 years old to learn phonics. The voice has a British accent has been endorsed by the British government for learning. It’s a fun way of supporting your kids’ educational development from a young age. Funimal Phonics is available on iTunes.



Pocket Phonics

Phonics activities

This app teaches kids letter sounds, common words and handwriting. It uses the same methods as outlined in the national curriculum for kids in KS1 and it’s used in over 300 primary schools. It’s a great app with lots of phonics activities, available on iTunes!