It’s really important that kids aged 4-7 are practicing their reading. There are lots of books available to kids this age. However, there are lots of fun reading activities you can do with you kids without a book. These activities will get your kids to practice reading in new, fun and exciting ways. Here are 7 reading activities, apps and online games that you can use at home, helping kids to find reading fun!


Fun Reading activities

Shopping game

This great game not only gets your kids thinking about food and nutrition, but it helps them to practice reading. On a piece of paper, write down about 5 items of food that your kids might have in their packed lunch or for dinner. Give this to your kids as their own special shopping list. The aim of the game is to to read the list and the labels on the shelves to find all 5 items on their shopping list.


Baking is a fun way to spend a Saturday. As your kids read the recipe and follow the instructions, they will practice reading new words, sounding out unfamiliar words and understanding what they’ve read. These are all essential skills that your kids will be learning at school and at the end, they’ll have some tasty treats!


Fun reading apps

Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Fun reading activities for iPad


The famous Oxford Reading Tree has an app to download. Your kids can read their favourite books on your iPad.



You can read!

Fun reading from iTunes


This app helps your kids to learn the high frequency words that they’ll come across in reception and key stage 1. This app helps your kids become confident in recognising common words in different contexts. You can read, is available on the iTunes store.



Early Words – Reading sight words

Early reading app


This app targets kids aged 4-6. It helps them to learn and practice the high frequency words for their age bracket. There are different levels allowing your kids to build on what they’ve learnt in earlier ones. Each level also has lots of fun reading activities and quizzes that test their knowledge and help them to put into practice the new words they’ve learnt. You can download this app from the iTunes store.




Fun reading online games

Word Reader

 online game
In this game, your kids have to listen to the voice. They then have to read the words on the flower and click the flower, which has the word that the voice has said. This helps kids learn how to read high frequency words, based on their sound.




River Rhyming

 rhyming game


This game gets kids focusing on the sounds of the words that they are reading. Kids have to help the character cross the river by choosing the right rhyming word.