phoEnglish for 7-11 year olds should follow the guidelines of the national curriculum. Children this age are in key stage 2 (KS2). Children aged 7-9 are in years 3 and 4. This is the first half of key stage 2 and is known as lower key stage 2. Children aged 9-11 are in years 5 and 6. This is the latter part of key stage 2, known as upper key stage 2. What your child learns in key stage 2 English lessons, should build upon the foundation set in key stage 1.


Lower Key Stage 2 

In lower key stage 2, children will be introduced to a wider variety of texts such as plays, poetry and non-fiction. They should be able to read and understand each of these texts independently and confidently by the end of year 4. The increase in reading material that your child will engage with in lower key stage 2 will expose them to more words. Your child should learn how to spell the new words that they learn and incorporate them into their creative writing. Lower key stage 2 English assumes that children have a full understanding of phonics and are able to put together new words, using skills that were learnt in key stage 1. Skills taught in lower key stage 2 acts as a bridge between what was learnt in key stage 1 and what will be learnt in upper key stage 2 english classes.


Upper Key Stage 2 English

Upper key stage 2 Englsih should refine and consolidate the skills your child learnt in lower KS2 classes. In upper KS2 your child should be comfortable using fundamental reading skills to pronounce and understand the meaning of new words that they come across. This may be through identifying a root word or looking at the context of the word. Understanding context will become increasingly important in upper KS2, children will be given texts to read from other cultures and traditions. As well as reading a variety of styles, your child will be taught to write in a variety of styles. They should be using their increasing knowledge of punctuation and grammar as well as a wider vocabulary in their own work. Your child should know how similar words can be used to give a slightly different meaning and how punctuation and grammar can change how their written work is interpreted.

What children learn in upper Key stage 2 English is not separate from what children learn in lower KS2. Rather, it is expected that in upper KS2, children will be developing confidence and consolidating the skills that they have already learnt in lower KS2.