In key stage 2 (KS2), kids will be learning how to write for different purposes and different audiences. They’ll be putting the grammar and punctuation rules they’ve learnt into practice. It’s a good idea to get your kids practicing writing for different purposes at home, to make sure they’re really confident before finishing primary school. Here are some fun writing activities that you could do with your kids at home, which will help them practice in a way that is a bit different to school.


Fun Writing Activities

Have a pen pal

Pen pals are great! Your kids can write letters or send emails to someone and practice writing informally to a friend. They’ll love receiving letters and emails too.

Write to a distant relative

Fun writing activities can also be used to help your kids keep in touch with family members. If you’ve got relatives who live far away, why not have your kids send them letters? This is a great way to have your kids practice essential English writing skills. Your kids will enjoy keeping in contact with relatives they don’t see often!

Make up a game and write the instructions

As well as writing informally, kids need to practice formal and instructive writing. Many kids find this a challenge so it’s important to practice at home. It might be fun for your kids to make up their own games that they can play together. Having them write the rules down will not only give them a sense of achievement, but it’ll help them to practice writing in a clear and organised way.

Write a review

Do your kids have a favourite, TV show, video game or movie that they keep talking about? If so, you could get them to write a review! This will help your kids to practice using adjectives and writing for a descriptive purpose.

Have a performance night

Kids love to show their families what they’ve created. Before the night, you could have your kids write a script and a few poems. They can then perform their play and recite their poems for the whole family! It’s a great way for the whole family to spend time together as well as encouraging your kids to write in different styles.


Online Writing Games

There are also lots of fun writing activities that your kids can play on the computer or on a smartphone or tablet! Here are a few examples.



Fun writing activities

Your kids need to escape the tower! The only way to escape is to use punctuation to improve the structure of the displayed sentences. This game will help our kids to write clearly.



Ed the Owl – Types of Sentences

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.05.05This great game helps kids to practice the different types of sentences and the punctuation that goes with them. This will help them to use punctuation to make the meaning of their sentences clear and to write for different purposes.




Writing Apps

Fairy Tale

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.05.18There are lots of fun writing activities for kids in this app. For example, kids can write their own stories and form their own fairy tales! This will help them to be creative and imaginative. It also encourages kids to practice organising their paragraphs. Fairy Tale is available on iTunes.



Poet’s Pad

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.05.41This app is good for kids in years 5 and 6. It helps kids get ideas and organise their thoughts. With the help of this app, your kids can write creative and interesting poems. Poet’s pad is available on iTunes and on Google Play.