At school, kids won’t just be learning to read different styles of poems. They’ll also have to learn some off by heart. Learning poems can be tough and boring if kids don’t find poetry interesting. Here are a few poetry games to help you encourage your kids to find poetry fun!


Poetry Activities  


If your kids have been given a poem from school to learn, reading it over and over again can be pretty dull. So why not copy it and get them to draw some relevant pictures around it? This will help them to focus on the words of the poem, helping them to learn it as well as making the poem more exiting. 

Fridge poetry

When your kids are waiting for dinner, fridge poetry can be great way to keep the occupied. You’ll only need some magnetic words and magnetic letters to let your kids get creative and write their own poems, or re-create a poem they’ve learnt at school.


You might have some old newspapers or magazines lying around. These can be used to play a great poetry game. Your kids have to look through the newspapers and magazines and see if they can cut all the words in their poem. They can then stick them on a separate piece of paper in the right order. Your kids might like to decorate it too!

Recital night

Performing poems is an important skill for kids to have since it helps them to develop their spoken language. You could help them practice poems they’ve learnt by having a recital night! You could even make costumes to help your kids put on a really good show for the whole family.


Online poetry games

Playing games online can help kids find poetry fun. Big Babies, by the BBC, helps kids to identify the different poetic devices in poems. This will help them to understand the poems that they are learning.

 Poetry Games - Big Babies

Poetry Apps

Apps are a great way for kids to engage with poetry on the go.


iF poems

Poetry games iF


iF poems is available to download from iTunes. It features over 200 classic poems for your kids to enjoy. What’s more, the poems are read by famous voices such as Helena Bonham Carter and Bill Nighy.



Pocket Poetry

Poetry games app


Pocket Poetry can also be downloaded from iTunes. This app sends you one new poem each day. This will give your kids something new to read each day, helping them to find enjoyment out of poetry.