Getting kids in key stage 2 (KS2) to practice correct punctuation can be difficult. So here are a few fun games and apps that your kids might like to play to help them learn those essential punctuation rules to form correct sentences.


Sentences practice:  Online Games


In this fun game, kids need to use their knowledge of punctuation to winScreen Shot 2015-07-02 at 15.10.11 the key of freedom. This will let them out of the tower and help them practice for their SATs!




Lexis the Magician



This game is good for kids in lower KS2. With the help of Lexis the Magician, kids can practice using apostrophes to form compound words. These skills will make their sentences easier to understand.




Beat the Clock!

Beat the clock


As kids progress through KS2, they should become increasingly confident using apostrophes. This game helps kids to practice using apostrophes to form compound words and to show possession in their sentences. There are three levels so your kids can be challenged, as they get more confident.



Blow away

Sentences - Blow away game


The national curriculum expects kids in KS2 to be able to proofread the sentences and paragraphs they write. Blow away is a great game to help kids in KS2 to practice this skill. Kids have to read the sentences and click on the granny who has got the punctuation that is missing from the sentence.



Going to work with commas

Going to work with commas


Kids need to know how to use commas to write lists and to join two clauses. In this game your kids are at work and they have several things written down. However, they have to check the sentences to see if commas are being used correctly. This is another great game for helping your kids to use accurate punctuation and to help them to proof read work.



Pin board

Pin board


Have your kids practice their grammar and punctuation by pinning the correct sentences to the pin board. Your kids will have to read the sentences to determine what type of punctuation is missing. This is a very good game for kids in year 3 to introduce them to proof reading and different forms of punctuation.



Contraction match

Contraction match


Some kids really struggle when it comes to forming contractions. This quick game helps kids to become familiar with what the common contractions are, helping them to use them in their own sentences. It’s a great game for kids in years 3 and 4.




Sentences Apps


SPaG – Lower Key Stage 2

SPaG – Upper Key Stage 2


SPaG  app


These are fantastic apps, created by a head teacher and supported by Pearson Education. It is great for helping kids in KS2 to revise key words, grammar and punctuation. The apps include quizzes to test your kids’ knowledge. These apps are available to download on iTunes and from Google play.


Key Stage 2 English

KS2 English  app


This is a very good app made by Pearson education to help prepare kids for their SATs tests. It’s got audio stories, quizzes and activities that follow the guidelines set by the national curriculum. You can download this app from iTunes and Google play.