KS1 maths classes will introduce your child to multiplication and division. These are essential skills that will be required in later years. At this age, it is important that your child is able to:

  • Use multiplication and division to solve one step problems.
  • Write the times tables using the multiplication and division.
  • Show that multiplication can be done in any way but division can’t.
  • Write and calculate multiplication and division using the multiplication tables they know – for two digit numbers times one-digit numbers, using mental and written methods.
  • Solve missing number problems including multiplication and division.


KS1 Maths Activities 

Below are some fun ways in which you can help you children following the KS1 maths curriculum to practice multiplication and division skills.


Grocery Store Search

When visiting the grocery store, look for items packaged in “arrays”. For example a 6-pack of coke can represent 2 x 3 or 3 x 2. A carton of eggs represent 2 x 6 or 6 x 2. Test your children on these whilst food shopping.


How Much Will It Cost?

If your family goes on an outing that requires each person to purchase a ticket, encourage your children to determine how much money will be spent. For example, if your family of four is going to the cinema and each ticket costs £5, how much money will you spend? Have you children tell you the multiplication problem and the repeated addition problem they can solve to determine how much money will be spent.


Don’t Forget to Share

When your family and friends are having snacks or eating a meal together, have your children divide the food equally and determine how much each person will get. For example, if pizza is the main course, cut the pizza into equal number of pieces. Have you children divide the pieces equally and identify how many pieces each person should get.


KS1 Maths Online Games



Hit the Buttonks1 maths

This game has countdowns 60 seconds and your children have to click the number that matches up to the answer of the questions. This game has varying levels of difficulties so as your children’s skill improves you can up the difficulty.



Mad 4 Mathks1 maths

This game is to complete the jigsaw as quickly as you can! To help you, each piece has a number, which should be placed over the hint on the board.



Are You A Math Magician
ks1 maths

This game offers multiplication and division as well as addition and subtraction. You get 2 and half minutes to answer as many questions. If you answer a question right you get time added on. There are also two levels of difficulty within the game.