In key stage 1 (KS1) your child will learn all about measure and time. Here are some measure and time games KS1 children will love!


Measure and Time Games KS1 – Written

These are measure and time games ks1 child can do with paper and pen.

How long is it?

To develop an understanding of how long a minute is, have family members hop on one foot for one minute. Next, run in place for two minutes. Then, have family members extend their arms out to their sides for as long as they can. Assign a person to keep time to see who can do it the longest. Discuss the results.

How Tall are You?

Measure the height of family members in inches and in feet. Order members from the shortest to the tallest.

Cooking Activities Using Measurement

Teach your kids cooking skills and measurement concepts at the same time. Let children help cook dinner once a week and use measuring spoons and measuring cups.

How heavy is it?

Gather various household items, such as books, food products, and toys. Have your children choose two items and identify which weighs more. How do they know?

Time Telling Activity

Attached is a blank clock face with the arrows ready to cut out. Teach your kids how to tell the time by asking them to place the arrows on either the hour of half past the hour.

Price Listing

From the list below have your children select some of the products.

Banana 60p Apple 50p Orange 30p Pineapple £1 Strawberries £1.50
Cherries £1.80 Grapes £2 Watermelon £2.20 Kiwi 95p Mango £1.35
Tomato 80p Carrot 20p Peas £1.95 Potato £1.45 Cucumber 70p

Next get your children to total up the products and give them a balance to subtract the total amount from.


Measure and Time Games – Online

With these three online measure and time games ks1 children can practice what they have learnt at school.


Alien Cookbooktime games ks1

This game uses the fun activity of cooking to help your children learn measures, but without creating the mess of actually cooking. There are three options of the game for your children to play each with a varying difficulty.




Bang On Timetime games ks1

This game looks to improve your children’s clock reading skills. The game gives your children a time in words, which they then have to make the clock stop when it hits the time on the clock face.




 time games ks1Coins

This game offers a variety of options for your children to work out how much is in the piggy bank. There is varying options so you can make it easier or more difficult for your children.