Key stage 1 (KS1) teaches your child essential rules about shapes and symmetry. This page will explain what your children will be learning about shape and symmetry in KS1.

Your child will learn to:

  • Recognise and name common 2-D and 3-D shapes.
  • Describe the properties of 2-D shapes e.g. the number of sides, lines of symmetry.
  • Describe the properties of 3-D shapes e.g. number of edges, vertices and faces.
  • Identify 2-D shapes on 3-D shapes.
  • Draw 2-D shapes and make models of 3-D shapes.
  • Identify right angles within shapes.
  • Identify angle basics e.g. two right rights make a half turn and 4 complete a turn.
  • Identify horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Identify perpendicular and parallel lines.


Shape and Symmetry KS1 Activities 

Make a Shape Book

Look through catalogs and magazines for shapes. Cut out pictures of objects shaped like circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and attach them to pages labeled by shape.

I Spy

With several family members, play “I Spy Shapes.” For example, I spy something shaped like a circle. It is black and white and has numbers on it (A clock). Or, I spy something that is shaped like a rectangle. In fact, there are many rectangles inside of one large rectangle (A window).

Look for Solids

Engage in a solid search with your children. Look for items that are shaped like spheres (a ball), cones (a funnel), cylinders (paper towel roll), rectangular prism (a shoe box), and cubes (block of note paper).

Trace a Face

Trace the faces (the flat surface) of items found in your solid search. Have you children sort the items based on the faces traced, for example, solids with square faces and those without.

What’s in Your Name?

Have your child write their name using all capital letters. Which of the letters have lines of symmetry? Have them draw the lines.


Shape and Symmetry KS1 Online Games

Shape and symmetry KS1 activities can also be found online. Here are two suggestions.

Geoboardsymmetry ks1

This web based app lets your children freely draw any shape they would like on digital graph paper. It offers a variety of colours for your children to use.




Shape Lab

symmetry ks1

This game offers three levels of difficulty. Your children have to help Pablo finish his creation by giving him the right shape he calls out.