Place Value and Money Games KS1 – Written

Make a Number Chart

With your children, look around your home and identify 1 to 10 similar items. For example 1 cooker, 2 dogs, 3 beds and so on. Make a chart listing the items, and have your children draw pictures showing each one. Add number words to the chart.

Show me the Money

Write the following numbers on index cards, one number on each card: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Mix the cards and place them facedown. Have your children choose a number card and show that many buttons/paperclips/sweets. To vary the activity show your children 0-9 objects and have them choose the card that identifies the number of objects. 

True of False

Make statements such as 2 is less than 6 and ask your children if the statement is true or false. Encourage her to show both numbers using objects such as buttons, uncooked pasta or paper clips. Have them explain why one number is more than the other.

Counting 1-20

The file attached has numbers one to twenty ready to print out for you kids to colour in. They can then use it to help them with the spelling and ordering of the numbers.


Place Value and Money Games KS1 – Online

With these place value and money games KS1 children can practice and refine the skills they have learnt at school in a fun and engaging way.

Place Value Chartsmoney games ks1

This game helps your children place numbers on a chart in units, tens and hundred. It has the option to either place them in word or number value.



Place the Penguin money games ks1

This game offers two level of difficulty. Your children have to place the penguins on the numbers on the game to make up the number they have been given.