Writing is an essential skill for kids to learn and a core part of learning in key stage 1 (KS1). These spelling activities and games will help your kids to practice writing correct sentences but have fun at the same time!


Spelling activities

Noughts and Crosses – Spelling edition

This is a great way to put your kids’ competitive spirit into good use. In this version of the game each player has to spell a word correctly before they can place a nought or a cross!

Connect-4 to make a word

There are two spelling activities you can play based around the popular game connect – 4. You could write the letters of the alphabet on the connect-4 pieces. Your children play the game as normal, however, the first person to complete a 4 letter (or more!) spelling word wins. Alternatively, you could give each child a word to spell, which they have to get right before they can play their turn.

Spelling word hunt

For this activity, you’ll need some 3D letters or letters written on flashcards. Tell your child the word that they’re going to spell but hide all the letters around the room. Your children have to first find all the letters in that word and then put the letters together to form the word!



Online Spelling and Sentence structure games

Some kids might find online spelling activities and sentence games more fun. Here are some good online games to get your kids started.


Pirate spelling
Spelling activities

For this game, your kids have to help the parrot to learn to speak. If they get the spelling right, the parrot will learn the word! There are three levels, so your kids can keep challenging themselves.



Balloon joining words



This game will help your kids make their sentences longer. Help the characters travel in their hot air balloon by using the right joining words.




Alien punctuation



Often, kids struggle to know what punctuation to use. This fun game will help them practice as they try to communicate to aliens.




Kung-Fu sentences

kung fu


It’s important for kids to be confident in how to structure sentences before they enter key stage 2 (KS2). For this game, your kids have to help the character learn Kung Fu, by ordering the words in a way that makes sense. Kids can progress through the levels, as they get more confident.




English games


This is a great game for getting kids to practice being creative. Your kids can enter in the dialogue between aliens and then play back the video and their story will appear!




People and appearance



It’s important for your kids to learn how to use adjectives in their writing. This game helps kids put descriptive sentences together.





App stores for iPad and Android have lots of spelling activities and sentence games that you can download. This will get your kids practicing essential skills, even in the car!


Mr Thorne’s Spell Book

This app helps kids in KS1 to practice their spellings. It has spelling activities that help kids to revise letter sounds and blends, which kids in this stage will be learning about at school. Mr Thorne’s Spell Book is available in iTunes.



Word Bingo


In this app, kids have to locate the words that are spelt correctly. This is a great way to get your kids practicing the words that they have learnt. You could even invite some of your kids’ friends round and they can play together, making the most of the multiplayer function! You can download this app on iTunes.


Drop words


BoggleThis is fun game is a twist on “Boggle”, the classic spelling game. Your kids have to form words using the letters that are next to each other. Why not have a competition and see who can make the most words in two minutes? Drop words is available to download from Google Play.



Squeebles Spelling Test


Spelling gameThis app is packed with spelling activities to motivate kids to learn spelling words. You can enter in the words that you want your kids to learn. As kids go through the tests each day, they can earn points by beating previous scores. These points can be spent on accessories to customize their Squeebles! Squeebles Spelling Test is available on the iTunes store and on Google Play.